​Trip Charge     $40 to $65 depends on location  

Unlock Car      $40 to $65 depends on location

Unlock House  $50 to $75  depends on location

​Rekey Lock     $10

​Masterkeying  $15 to $20

​Change Safe​ Combination    $35

​Remote Batteries                  Start at $3.50

​Remote Programming            $10 to $25

​Transponder Keys                 Start at $35

​Remotes                                Start at $45

​Non Transponder Lazer Key    $25

​Common House Keys​              $2.50

​Automotive Key non chip        $3.50

​Tractor Keys                         $4

Boat Keys                              $4

​Camper keys                          $2.50 to $5

​Motorcycle                            $4 to $6

​Rubber Head                           $5 to $6

​Art work Keys                        $3 to $5

​Key Hider                               $4 to $6

​Tubler Keys                            $7.50

​Best Keys                              $5

Decode key                            $7.50

​Key rings                              Various prices

​Generate Tool box key            $12.50 to $15

​Generate Hitch Receiver key  $12.50 to $15

​Padlocks                               $8 and Up

​Residential Locks                  $20 and up

​Commercial Knobs                 $45 and up

​Commercial Deadbolts           $45 and up

​Install Deadbolts             $35 price breaks on Qty.

​Glass Door cylinders             $15 and up

​Auto Lost key             Varies on location and make

​Motorcycle Lost Key   Varies on location and make


​              Cory S. Buck R.L. C.A.L.

              Registered Locksmith

​         Certified Automotive Locksmith

​             (256) 931-2007

              Email me at:

​   leakslockandkeys@hotmail.com

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There are many different services we can handle. Due to the uncertainty of keys bought off the internet, we cannot guarantee that they will program in or work on your car,  I have many different resources to make sure that I get you the right remotes, keys, and prox to fit your vehicle.  We offer new O.E.M. and refurbished O.E.M.  We strive to get you the best possible service, price, honesty and information that we can.  I am always willing to answer question you may have about your home, commercial, and auto needs. This is a one person business, so I can not predict when I will be in the shop, it is based off of work load of service calls. Call or text (256)931-2007 to see if I am in the shop or setup an appointment..